IN SITU Art Consulting has since 2008 worked with the renewal of the decorating area by specializing in advisory services on integrated art projects in companies, institutions and public spaces.

IN SITU Art Consulting works closely with the client, architects and users. We take the context in to consideration and select the artists who can create life and synergy in the specific context. The work translates into integrated art projects, typically in new constructions where art is incorporated early in the construction process. We handle everything from needs assessment and concept development to hands-on project management. In the past year we have also worked with overall art strategies – including several of the country’s upcoming super hospitals – and including facilitated sketch contests.

IN SITU Art Consulting’s goal is to let the art optimize the environment and create a lively and communicative space. When art is related to the specific framework – to space, architecture and the life lived around it – art has the potential to go far beyond the ability to stimulate the aesthetic sense. Art can anchor identity and contribute to mental and social processes.

IN SITU Art Consulting works on a solid art professional foundation and has an extensive international network. We operate freely and independently and have realised projects with artists such as Katharina Grosse (D), Eva Schlegel (A), Tal R, Jeppe Hein, Elmgreen & Dragset, Kørner and Kirstine Roepstorff.