Since 2006, IN SITU Art Counseling has worked with the intersection between art and daily life, specializing in the process behind site and building integrated art works. When the art relates to the specific place – to site, architecture and the life lived – it entails a potential that stretches far beyond the ability to stimulate the aesthetic sense. It can anchor or change identity and function as a generator for mental and social processes. It can create new narratives and meeting points across cultures, generations, and social divisions. We want to challenge and rethink the known formats that are usually applied in public space, while we continue to increase the quality of the projects realized.   

IN SITU councils private builders, municipalities, regions, and the state. Besides managing the quality assurance of the art projects and the facilitation of these, we develop art strategies that help to secure quality and continuity in bigger complex development project such as regional hospitals, urban development and redevelopment projects. Furthermore, we have experience within the sustainability certification for new constructions, DGNB, where the arts support the development of social sustainability.

Since 2016, IN SITU has been affiliated with The Danish Building and Property Agency, BYGST, as art professional client advisors in relation to government constructions such a new constructions and renovation of universities, police and courts and more. In collaboration with BYGST, we manage The State’s Art Circular (Statens Kunstcirkulær) and quality secures the processes of integrated art works involving choices of artists, draft competition, contracts, and more.

As of 2019, IN SITU acceded as consultants at The Danish Arts Foundation in relation to the integration of arts into government buildings.

IN SITU is founded by Jane Løvschall Dolmer and Trine Møller Madsen, who still run the business today. We operate freely and independently from a solid art professional perspective and have an extensive international network.