Erhvervs- og Byggestyrelsen | Bold decoration defines image

Udgivet 26. Jan. 2012 i News

“The idea is that Art should bring our house together – physically and mentally. With IN SITU’s help, we have selected some exciting, progressive works of art that we can identify with and profile ourselves by.“
Finn Lauritzen, Director, EBST

Erhvervs- og Byggestyrelsen (Danish enterprises and construction authority) is located in Dahlerups Pakhus on Langelinje Allé in Copenhagen. Here, historical architecture now meets trendsetting contemporary Art. The collection’s main work is placed  in the canteen – four large paintings by Allan Otte made up of four large format paintings. The works bring the landscape picture into the 21st century: at a distance they look like slightly pixelled photos, but close up the picures reveal themselves to be made up of tiny fields of coarse brushstrokes. Common to all four pictures is the motif of wrecked vehicles, but the accident itself is secondary. There is no movement or drama, and not even any people there. Allan Otte freezes a moment to the spot. A kind of objective condition that swells up over time and space and is anchored in the pictures’ titles: In pieces, Surpressed, Divided and Pressed.

The EBST collection also includes works by Troels Aagaard, Jonas Hvid Søndergaard, BankMalbekRau and Simone Aaberg Kærn with which IN SITU develops the collection ad hoc.

Allan Otte, canteen decoration, 2010. Photo: Anders Sune Berg.

Allan Otte, canteen decoration, 2010. Photo: Anders Sune Berg

Allan Otte, canteen decoration, 2010. Photo: Anders Sune Berg

BankMalbekRau – decoration in conference room. Photo: IN SITU