Irma | New interpretation of the legendary coffee tin

Udgivet 26. Jan. 2012 i News

IN SITU has chosen Elmgreen &Dragset, Kirstine Roepstorff, Julie Nord and Tal R – five of Denmark’s most prominent emerging artists – to reinterpret Irma’s coffee tin. In September 2010, you can be the proud owner of a real piece of everyday Art when four brand new Irma art tins are put on sale in Irma stores. The relaunch of the popular Irma coffee tin makes it the object of young, contemporary and unpredictable interpretation. At the same time, a different democratic art platform is revived that brings Art straight into people’s  homes. The price for a piece of contemporary Art with everyday ambitions is 69 DKK. Profit from all sales was donated to Danmarks Indsamlingen in January, 2011.

The five tins. Tal R (left), Julie Nord (front), Kirstine Roepstorff (right), Elmgreen & Dragset (back).
Photo: Henrik Freek Christensen