• DNV-Gødstrup, rendering (Curavita)

    DNV-Gødstrup, rendering (Curavita)

  • DNV-Gødstrup, rendering af indgangsparti (Curavita)

    DNV-Gødstrup, a rendering af the foyer (Curavita)

  • DNV Gøstrup, rendering af forhal (Curavita)

    DNV-Gøstrup, rendering of the vestibule (Curavita)

  • Erik A. Frandsen’s sketch for the integrated art work in the foyer

  • Erik A. Frandsen’s sketch for the integrated art work in the foyer

In 2013, The Committee for Art in Public Spaces at the Danish Arts Foundation designated IN SITU to develop an art strategy for the next Danish super-hospital DNV Gødstrup. The art strategy will outline the guidelines and overall vision for the art. Now, IN SITU is developing a concrete plan of action to ensure the quality and successful implementation of the coming art works. This is done in collaboration with the hospital and construction management. Ahead lie tasks such as fundraising, development of competition programmes, and facilitation during the drafting process.

DNV Gødstrup wants to set new standards for the hospital as a place. They want to raise the feeling of well-being and affect the senses of the patient to create new experiences. In this art plays a significant role. The art can through new, positive narratives and a focus on identity create an environment that supports the healing process of the patients and the overall well-being of both staff, patients, and relatives.

Curavita won the building competition.

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