• Signe Guttormsen, Opbrud, Chandelier in the atrium, 2016. Photo: Jan Søndergaard

  • Signe Guttormsen, Opbrud, floor in the atrium, 2016. Photo: Jan Søndergaard

  • Signe Guttormsen, chandelier and floor in the atrium and outdoor pavement og light sculpture, 2016.
    Photo: Jan Søndergaard

  • Signe Guttormsen, the flooring interior and exterior, sketch, 2014.

  • MT Højgaard, New headquarters in Søborg

In the beginning of summer 2016, MT Højgaard moved into their new headquarters in Søborg. The office building has gotten Silver in the DGNB certification system. This certification is obtained if the client meets certain requirements that all relates to the sustainability of the building. The categories are environmental, social, technical, economic, and procedural sustainability.

In the category of social sustainability integrated art is a parameter. Thus IN SITU was hired as art consultants to advise and ensure the quality of the projects, pinpoint artists, and ultimately to facilitate the process towards realization the art projects.
The goal is for the art projects to be integral elements taken into account already during planning and procurement, which will allow for the projects to be integrated into the building.

December 2015:
Signe Guttormsens gulv hos MT Højgaard tager form

December 2016:
Omfangsrigt, bygningsintegreret kunstprojekt er færdigt