SCT Nordic | leitmotif in physical frames

Udgivet 26. Jan. 2012 i News

In SCT Nordics’ offices in an old warehouse on Holmen, the architect and artist Mathias Juel Christensen has created a picture-series that pulls the room together visually and clearly signals that this is an internationally-oriented company. The photographic motifs are transferred to special acoustics- regulating panels. Altogether a unique solution that both generates identity in the house and meets the place’s acoustic challenges.

“We wanted to have unique Art on the walls, but we had a hard time specifying which works could make the right impression and give the right signals. IN SITU helped us find a solution which also suited a smaller company like ours that doesn’t have a large budget for Art. We can see now that it does matter that the Art on the walls gives meaning and we have gotten positive feedback from our employees.”
Peter Laursen, Director and Partner, SCT Nordic

Photo: Mathias Juel Christensen, 2009.

Photo: Mathias Juel Christensen, 2009.

Photo: Mathias Juul Christensen, 2009.