SimCorp | 130 art works optimize work environment and sharpen identity

Udgivet 26. Jan. 2012 i News

Wall collages tell the story of the creative process, while a life-like humming bird whirls around in the reception. These are just a few of the experiences awaiting employees and clients in the IT company’s 14.000 m2 premises, where more than 130 works of art and three site-specific projects made especially for SimCorps sketch the company’s visual identity and create stimulating work-life frameworks.

“When we moved into the new facilities, we wanted to start completely from scratch with Art. By choosing to engage IN SITU, we could focus on what we do best, and trust the art consultants to navigate the art market and help us find the right works.By aiming at young contemporary art rather than more retrospective works, we have succeeded in building up a distinctive and rather extensive collection and, at the same time, to send the right signals about our company.”
Peter Theill, Director SimCorp A/S

“The decoration of the SimCorps premises has, besides attracting internal attention, also had a positive effect on how we are represented by the media.  We have acted in a whole new context – amongst other things with our new thinking to prioritize site-specific Art that has been integrated within SimCorps’ physical space, our values and mindset. In this way, Art has given a new and surprising angle to our branding.”
Rikke Dalager, Communications Director, SimCorp A/S

Collage in stairway, All The Way to Paris, 2008. Photo: Tobias Toyberg

Object series by Andreas Schulenburg, 2008. Photo: Mikkel Khan


Painting by Anette Harboe-Flensburg in executive meeting room, 2008. Photo: Laura Stamer

Photography by Ebbe Stub Wittrup, 2007. Photo: Laura Stamer

Paintings by Rasmus Bjørn, 2008. Photo: Laura Stamer